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For Popcorn and Beyond!

Welcome to Hollee Pop!

Our journey into creating "junk-free junk food" flavors for popcorn began 6 years ago in the kitchen of our founder, Holly Rice. She had taken charge of her fatigue and joint issues by making some tweaks to her diet...cutting out gluten and dairy. 

Holly searched for snacks that would satisfy her junk food cravings but just couldn't find anything that quite hit the mark. She went to work in her lab (aka home kitchen) and reverse engineered a nacho cheese flavor she named, Not Cho Cheeze, and sprinkled it on popcorn. It was such a hit at parties and social gatherings, she decided to bottle/sell it and led to the 6 flavors in the collection today.

We dabbled in creating a ready-to-eat popcorn product but because we only use all-natural ingredients and zero preservatives, we found it difficult to package this product in a manner that maintained the quality of the popcorn and did not harm the planet. We've returned to only producing our seasoning blends in packaging that can be reused over and over again.  And guess what? The seasonings work on sooooo many foods, not just popcorn! Check out our Instagram for recipes.


We use organic, non-GMO ingredients. All flavors are crafted from blends of herbs and spices. You'll never find any junk or ingredients in our popcorn that you can't pronounce!


Our seasonings are sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan. 

For inquiries call/text 469-216-1306, email, or submit the contact form below.

Hollee Pop Flavors

HolleePop Flavors

Rosemary's Garlic Baby

Flavors of savory rosemary and garlic. 


Rosemary met Garlic, they fell in love, and had a baby. This is their dreamy love child flavor! 


Contains a proprietary spice blend including Himalayan salt.

Rustic Kitchen
pickles .jpg

Stiff Pickle

Flavors of perfectly balanced dill, garlic, and vinegar. 

Like biting into a fresh, crisp dill pickle but as a popcorn flavor!

Contains a proprietary spice blend including Himalayan salt.

Cheezey Peezey

Flavors of zesty herbs, tomatoes, and cheese.

All the flavors you crave from your favorite pizzeria, only dairy-free!

Contains a proprietary spice blend including Himalayan salt.

Margherita Pizza
Indian Chicken Curry

Tikka Tikka Boom Boom

Flavors inspired by rich, tangy Tikka Masala. 

One of the most popular dishes found at any Indian restaurant inspired this flavor and is amazing as a popcorn flavor! It's vegan and dairy-free.

Contains a proprietary spice blend including Himalayan salt.

What's the Dilly, Yo?

Flavors of sour cream, onion, and dill. 


It's like having your favorite sour cream & onion potato chips with none of the guilt!

Contains a proprietary spice blend including Himalayan salt.

Nachos and Dips

Not Cho Cheeze

Flavors of Tex-Mex nachos with a spicy kick.

It's like having a bowl of your favorite nacho cheese-flavored tortilla chips or chips and queso, only dairy-free and healthy!

Contains a proprietary spice blend including Himalayan salt.



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